Softening Cream


Thought craft of moisturizer for face and beard 

Creating a moisturizer for men is a very complex but rewarding challenge in the end. This is what we saw before our eyes when we brewed the Frouge Softening Cream designed to nourish the facial skin and shape the beard. The cream contains pure argan oil, vitamin E and sunscreens - in a formula that encourages the restoration of damaged hair and makes it soft and velvety, along with the balanced moisture that prevents dry and cracked skin. 

The cream also helps shape the beard and tame unruly beard edges, it is easily absorbed and does not leave an oily feeling. At the end of its use you will be left with healthier and more vital skin, with a neatly shaped beard, and with a fresh and fragrant feeling.

Frouge Softening Cream  מיועד לגברים שמבינים את חשיבות הטיפוח העצמי ורוצים לעצמם את הטוב ביותר, ללא פשרות

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how to use

Apply the required amount on the palms, apply on the face and beard until completely absorbed.It is recommended to slightly pamper the neck, shoulders and hands as well - the cream is suitable for all parts of the body and it works wonders.

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