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Frouge is a brand developed by Ron Jamili, founder of the exclusive Jamili hairdressing chain

The Frouge care product line was concocted after a world tour aimed at locating the best raw materials, with an emphasis on natural and nutritious ingredients, and in precise harmony that gives results from the very first moment.

With the initial launch of Frouge products, the brand became well-known and coveted among grooming-loving men who knew how to identify and evaluate the quality of products and their impact. Since then, Frouge products have become synonymous with uncompromising quality and results that can be felt and seen even after the first use.



The Frouge product series provides thorough and extensive care for the body skin, scalp hair and beard.
The products were built with the initial intention of complementing each other, and providing a complete and comprehensive grooming experience for every need-
Whether it is softening the skin and hair, shaping the beard, and achieving a polished, vital and rich look.


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Meet Ron Jamili, developer of the Frouge product line

"Frouge products represent the men of the new world - self-aware, well-groomed and charismatic. This is the line that guided me along my path around the world, and this is the line by which I built the product line. Bottom line, Frouge products are beyond 'just' products… they represent a new way And safe for masculine grooming, full of style, chic and color that connects old and new "

Ron Jamili​ - Owner of Frouge & Jamili Barbershop